a$ = FETCH_BYTES(#channel, how_many)


DJToolkit 1.16

This function returns the requested number of bytes from the given channel which must have been opened for INPUT or INPUT/OUTPUT. It will work on CON_ channels as well, but no cursor is shown and the characters typed in are not shown on the screen. If there is an ENTER character, or a CHR$(10), it will not signal the end of input. The function will not return until the appropriate number of bytes have been read.

WARNING - JM and AH ROMS will cause a ‘Buffer overflow’ error if more than 128 bytes are fetched, this is a fault with QDOS and not with DJToolkit. See the demos file, supplied with DJToolkit, for a workaround to this problem.


LineOfBytes$ = FETCH_BYTES(#4, 256)