FLP_TRACK tracks


Gold Cards, Trump Card, THOR, ST/QL, SMS

When a disk is formatted, the operating system will check to see if there are more than 55 tracks on the disk, and if so, will presume that it should be formatted to 80 tracks (otherwise it will presume the disk is to be formatted to 40 tracks).

The command FLP_TRACK allows you to override this setting, so that you can format a disk to, say, 75 tracks. FLP_TRACK 40 should be used as standard when a 40 track disk drive is attached to the system as this will prevent the system from trying to read track 55 (which does not exist!!), thus saving wear on the drive.



can be used on a standard DSDD 80 track disk to format it into a form readable on a 40 track drive.


FLP_DENSITY also affects how a disk is FORMATted.