SMSQ/E v2.98+

COLOUR_NATIVE is a command used to select the colour palette to be used from within the Extended Colour Drivers provided with SMSQ/E v2.98+ on the Q40/Q60, QXL, QPC and Aurora.

A valid window channel must be open, default #1 (or #0 on a SBASIC with only #0 open), although one may also be supplied as #ch.

This command is similar to COLOUR_PAL, but allows you to use 256 colours on Aurora, or 65536 colours on QXL, QPC and the Q40/Q60, by selecting the native colour mode of the hardware.

Colour parameters supplied to commands such as INK are defined in native colours and therefore their effect will depend upon the hardware itself (Appendix 16 contains details of the first 256 colours and their Native Colour Values in decimal, hexadecimal and binary for use with the INK command or similar).


MODE commands have no effect under the Extended Colour Drivers.


Refer to COLOUR_PAL for more details.