MISTake is a keyword which will only rarely ever be found. It cannot be inserted into a program from the keyboard. Instead, it is generated internally whenever LOAD, LRUN, MERGE or MRUN commands are used and a line in the file being loaded cannot be parsed (ie. if it would generate a ‘bad line’ error if typed in at the keyboard).

Rather than reporting an error and stopping the loading process, the word MISTake is inserted in the offending line after the line number. If you then try to RUN the offending line, a ‘Bad Line’ error will be generated (under SMS the error ‘MISTake in program’ is reported.

You can however EDIT the offending line - you must delete the word MISTake as well as correcting the error before the line will be accepted by the parser. Once this is done, then the program should run as normal.


Unfortunately, QREF (from Liberation Software) cannot find lines containing MISTake - in order to do this, you need a much more complex system such as MasterBasic+ (from Ergon Development).


Please see LOAD and MERGE about loading a SuperBASIC program in general.