SSAVE (scrno, xpos, ypos, xsiz, ysiz)


Ecran Manager

The function SSAVE reserves memory and saves a part of the screen to it, the saved block’s left upper corner is the point (xpos,ypos) in absolute co-ordinates, the width is xsiz and the height ysiz. xpos may range from 0 to 511 and ypos from 0 to 255, so SSAVE is not suitable for resolutions other than 512x256 pixels. The reserved memory can only be released with SLOAD. The first parameter scrno can be either 0 or 1 - it is used under dual screen mode to select the first or second screen, scrno=1 is only available under dual screen mode, on other machines SSAVE will break with the ‘not found’ (-7) error. The value returned represents the address where the screen is stored in memory.


If you wish to link the Ecran Manager Toolkit to a QLiberated program, you must not use the ECMAN but the ECMANcp version.


Saved pictures can be reloaded with SSHOW.