Syntax SPL_USE name
Location Toolkit II, THOR XVI

This command sets the default destination device and therefore has a similar effect to DEST_USE. However, this command is slightly improved, in that if the supplied name does not end in an underscore, this is taken to be an external device port (such as SER) and no underscore is added.


DEST_USE flp2_Quill: COPY ram2_Letter_doc

will copy the file ram2_letter_doc to flp2_Quill_letter_doc.

SPL_USE ser: COPY ram2_Letter_txt

will copy the file ram2_Letter_txt to the serial port, ser.


SPL_USE will overwrite the default destination device set with DEST_USE.


DESTD$ returns the current default destination device. Also see PROG_USE, DLIST, DATA_USE, DEST_USE, DDOWN, DUP, and DNEXT.