Syntax SET_GREEN #channel, operation
Location Windows (DIY Toolkit - Vol W)

This command allows you to change the colours used within a specified window channel very quickly. In order to use this, you really need a good understanding of the way in which the QL display works - see the QL Display Appendix for some details. The effect that this command has on the specified window depends upon the value of operation:

Operation Effect
0 Clear all Green bits (remove any Green from the screen).
1 Set all Green bits.
-1 If the Red bit for a pixel is set, Set the Green bit, otherwise clear it.


This command will only work on screen resolutions of 512x256 pixels.


This command should not really be used in MODE 8.


SET_RED is similar. See RECOL. W_SWAP can also be used to recolour a window. Refer to the QL Display Appendix.