EXTRAS [#channel] or

EXTRAS \file (Toolkit II, THOR only) or

EXTRAS [#channel][,width] (BTool only)


Toolkit II, THOR XVI, QSound, BTool

This command lists all of the machine code Procedures and Functions (keywords) which are recognised by the SuperBASIC interpreter in the given channel (default #1), or the given file (if the second variant is used), which will be automatically opened and even overwritten if it already exists (after asking the user to confirm that this is okay).

The file will be closed at the end of the operation.

The THOR XVI version will not list those keywords which are resident in ROM (ie. available when the THOR is first powered up).

The BTool version lists the keywords in columns and as such is the same as EXTRAS_W. The number of columns is adapted automatically to a window’s width; if this is too wide for your needs then you can specify a width in characters.

The QSound variant is intended for output to a non-screen channel (see WIDTH), in which case an empty line appears between each name. If output is sent to a window, then the words are all printed on the same line, obscuring output.


BTool’s EXTRAS does not support the SuperBASIC WIDTH command and you will therefore need to specify an absolute width as the second parameter to format output.


Versions of Tiny Toolkit pre v1.10 contained a different implementation of this command, now renamed TXTRAS.


Within an SBASIC (on SMS), EXTRAS only lists those keywords used in that SBASIC to date - this is because the whole name table is not copied when an SBASIC is started up, allowing different SBASICs to use the same name for different things.


Use SXTRAS if you have a lot of extensions in memory and you are looking for a specific one. See also TXTRAS, VOCAB and NEW_NAME.