HIS_SIZE #channel, lines


History Device

A history which has been already been installed with HIS_SET has its size specified and is activated (or de-activated) with HIS_SIZE. The different usages of the command are distinguished by the lines parameter.

  • Positive numbers for lines will activate a history for the given channel and tell it to store the next lines number of lines which are terminated by pressing <ENTER>. If a history had already been installed, then all stored lines are lost.

  • Negative numbers will have exactly the same effect except that if a history was already active, the absolute value of the given lines number is added to the memory capacity of the existing history. Existing stored lines are retained in memory.

  • Zero simply turns off a history and clears the tables which hold the entered lines.

History can store a maximum of 32767 lines which should be more than sufficient. Memory is allocated dynamically, in four kilobytes chunks, so there is a small danger of heap fragmentation.