Syntax LPOLL [#ch]
Location Beuletools

This command lists all polling interrupts and their link pointers to the given channel (default #1). While this text was being written, LPOLL produced the following list:

List of polled tasks:
Link Pointer   Routine
1.   $0002B5D8 $000C1434
2.   $0002B8B8 $0009E0C2
3.   $0002CAAA $000BD056
4.   $0002B840 $0009E988

To understand these numbers, a deep knowledge of assembly language and the operating system is necessary. Generally, each interrupt is a kind of background job which does not appear in the job list. For further information, refer to system documentation.


LSCHD and LINT2 list other internal routines which are running in the interrupts. JOBS lists all jobs.